The man In the hat

Discover the pleasure of hats

Discover the
pleasure of hats

Stop being average

We believe it's time to stop being average. Let's bring the hat culture back to life!

These days, the average man walks the world with a bare head, covered by an occasional baseball cap. Many spend a fortune on designer clothes, with a cheap paper trilby as the finishing touch.

re-introducing the pleasure of hats

the pleasure of hats

The Man In The Hat helps customers to become unique. And when you purchase and start wearing our hats, part of that brand transfers to you...You are not just a man: you are The Man In The Hat!

Our mission is to re-introduce the world to the pleasures of Classic, Vintage & Custom hats. From our little shop in Hong Kong, we find new owners for extraordinary hats, we resurrect vintage styles and we evoke the hat shops of the past, with our tailor-made hat service.