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Classic, Vintage
& Custom

Classic, Vintage
and Custom

Classic Homburg made with wool felt


According to our definition, a Classic hat must be a Boater, Bowler, Cowboy, Fedora, Homburg, Newsboy, Panama, Porkpie, Top hat or Trilby. It does not matter when, where or how it was made, as long as the quality is good. If it is a soft hat, such as a Fedora, it must be made of Fur Felt. If it is a rigid hat, such as a Bowler, then it may also be made of Wool Felt. If it is Straw, then it should be Natural Straw or Shantung Straw.

However, most hat factories are in China. They have excellent machinery, vast experience and a large workforce. What they lack are the finest materials. They use predominantly Wool Felt, not Fur Felt. And you can't make a great Fedora, soft Homburg or Top Hat out of Wool Felt. On the other hand, you can make an excellent hard Bowler hat or a stiff Homburg, using Wool Felt and the right machinery. We stock a few such hats.

There are also a few higher quality hats made in China, almost in secret, using Rabbit Felt, under license from the large US and UK brands. Those hats are then shipped back to the UK / US for final finishing and distribution. Stetson, Dorfman Pacific, Christys' and many other brands are known to have made hats in this way. A few of those hats have reached our shelves and are priced accordingly.

Vintage Opera Hat by Gibus


A Vintage hat always has a story. It must be relatively to extremely old and from a time or place known to produce hats of very high quality. Definitely pre-1980 and we see many hats that are more than 100 years old. The term Vintage would include a 1940s Dunn & Co Bowler, a 1950s Cavanagh Fedora, a 1970s Stetson Cowboy, a pre-1980 Borsalino Fedora and virtually any silk Topper.

Custom Fedora in 100x Beaver Felt


By definition, a Custom hat has been made for a particular individual, based on their specifications and preferences. It can be any style. It is typically hand made, using the finest materials, traditional tools and techniques.

When you visit our shop, we can show you several examples of beautiful, custom-made hats, which have been hand made by craftsmen in Sweden, US, Germany, UK, Argentina and Spain. They use the best materials, traditional tools and rare, artisanal skills.