The man In the hat



Our favourite hat book! Detailed historical information about 20th century hat wearing, not covered anywhere else. Published 2004.

Published in 1997, an excellent Stetson reference book aimed at collectors, with plenty of photographs of men's and women's hats, plus anecdotal information about the early days of the company.

Scholarly, Illustrated history of hat fashions for men and women, published in 1990.

Published in 2011 by the Design Museum, an interesting overview of some important hats from our cultural history.

Astonishingly detailed 2008 reference book about male and female hat fashions since 3000 BC, illustrated with superb line drawings by the author.

Published in 1848, barely 50 years after the patent registration of the Top Hat and a few years before the first Bowler, it offers an insight into the development of European hats in 19th century and earlier.

First published in 2004, a lovingly written and lavishly illustrated coffee table book about the history, production and mystique of Panama hats made in Ecuador.

Expertly and entertainingly written, the detailed story of how, when, where, why and by whom Cowboy Hats are made and worn. Profusely illustrated with beautiful photographs. Originally published in 1995, updated in 2003.

Written in 2002 by Debbie Henderson, a series of conversations with 20th century US hat professionals. Fascinating recollections and opinions of industrialists, marketers, salesmen and collectors.

Beautiful photographs taken during fashion shoots and movie production, together with relatively unposed pictures of Audrey Hepburn wearing hats of all kinds.

Fabulous little book about the special relationship between Akubra hats and their owners. Published 2009.