The man In the hat



Personal Collection

Here are some personal favourites, collected over the years by the Curator... However, they are not for sale.

Custom Rabbit & Hare Felt Fedora

Custom 50x Beaver Felt Fedora

Classic Native American Fur Trapper

Vintage silk Top Hat by Borsalino

Classic Beaver Felt Cowboy Hat by Resistol, with hand-tooled Rodeo Band

Vintage Water Way Milan Straw hat by Stevens

Vintage Fur Felt Cambridge Bowler by Scotts

Classic Montecristi Panama

Vintage Velvet Smoking Cap

Custom Rabbit Felt 'Bat Masterson' Bowler

Customised Rabbit Felt Akubra Cowboy hat, with hand-tooled Rodeo Band

Custom 100x Beaver Felt Indiana Jones Fedora

Classic Rabbit Felt Fedora by Susquehana