The man In the hat



Bruno Mars - inspires a new generation of hat wearers who don't know what to do with their hair

Audrey Hepburn - became instantly iconic and nobody ever looked better in a hat

Pharrell Williams shook the entertainment world when he started wearing Vivienne Westwood's 1982 Mountain Hat, in several colours.

Humphrey Bogart - extraordinary actor and most influential ambassador for the Fedora.

Johnny Depp - eccentric Fedora enthusiast

Michael Jackson - loved to wear hats, such as this white Fedora that he wore for the Smooth Criminal video

President Abraham Lincoln - America's tallest President was fond of the so-called Stovepipe hat, which made him over 2 metres tall and instantly recognisable.

Winston Churchill wore hats of all shapes and sizes. This Cambridge Bowler was one of his favourites.

Prince Albert (centre, later King Edward VII) was a fashion innovator. He is said to have invented turned-up trousers and the Homburg hat.

Sherlock Holmes is the world's most brilliant - but fictional - detective. Often depicted wearing his trademark Deerstalker while chasing criminals.

Sir Anthony Eden - for many years, his favourite hat, the Homburg, was known as the 'Anthony Eden' in the UK. He was only briefly Prime Minister but always famous for his style.

Marlene Dietrich - cross dressing superstar of the 1920s-1930s, wore many hats and loved the Top Hat look.