The man In the hat

Why Wear Hats

Wear Hats

Hat culture re-emerges

A hundred years ago, every man wore a hat, every single day. But by the 1960s, fashion had changed and mass hat wearing had died out.

Now, the world has changed again and hats have re-emerged. Men of all ages have discovered the pleasures of hat wearing, maybe for the first time in their lives!

So what are the benefits of wearing a hat?


This may sound fanciful but we have felt it ourselves and witnessed it in others: the unforgettable moment of discovery when you first put on a great hat.

It instantly improves your outfit, creates an integrated look, builds your self-confidence and enhances how others see you.

The hat is so close to the face, especially the eyes, that it produces a genuinely transformative effect that no other item of clothing can match. And you can stop worrying about what to do with your hair!

Health & Safety

If you like to go outside in all weather - especially if you shave your head or if you have lost your hair - then you significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer by wearing a hat in the sun, particularly if it has a wide brim.

It also offers fantastic cover when it rains unexpectedly. And if you’ve ever hit your head on a doorway or scaffolding then you already know that a hat offers protection in a world full of blunt objects.

Vintage Quality

People are discovering that Vintage hats were made to a far higher standard than any currently offered in department stores.

A vintage hat has a story to tell. By buying and wearing one, you help to preserve something beautiful, you become part of its story and you touch history. Pick up a vintage Fedora and you’ll understand.