The man In the hat
Matthew McConaughey

The wide brimmed, high crown, lightweight Cowboy Hat became an icon of the American West. The hat was launched by John Stetson in 1865 as every trail-rider’s companion, offering all-weather protection. Strongly made of stiff beaver or nutria felt, it could even contain water.

The Cowboy hat is a must-have in any hat collection. No hat is better suited to its intended environment and requirements. Anywhere else, no other hat makes such an outrageous statement!

It is common practice for US Presidents to connect with American history by wearing a Cowboy Hat. A few were born to it. For others, it’s a marriage made in heaven. For the rest, it’s just a quick fling.

Barack Obama
Ronald Reagan
Lyndon Johnson - he had his own line of Resistol Cowboy Hats
George Bush Sr
George Bush Jr
Bill Clinton
Donald Trump
Deng Xiaoping went to a rodeo during his US trip. He put on a Cowboy Hat and instantly changed US-China relations in 1979