The man In the hat
Gene Hackman in The French Connection in 1974

Originally a woman’s hat, the Porkpie was popularised by movies, TV shows and jazz musicians like Lester Young. Named after the traditional meat pie which it resembles, a Porkpie hat can be created by skilfully reshaping a Fedora or Trilby. The Porkpie has a unique look, with its upturned brim and telescoped, flattened top.

Because it can be created and re-configured by its owner, the Porkpie style is often chosen by highly creative, iconoclastic personalities. If you like to challenge preconceived ideas, this is the hat for you!

Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders in 2013
Jazz icon Lester Young was a pioneer of the Porkpie
Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad in 2014