The man In the hat
Gregory Peck

It became an icon of ‘noir’ movies and Indiana Jones. The soft, beaver or rabbit felt Fedora, with centre dent and wide brim, was inspired by an 1882 stage play starring Sarah Bernhardt. The following year, Knox introduced the Fedora to New York and it was an immediate success. With a unique profile and constant innovation, the Fedora dominated US men’s fashion for the next fifty years.

A Fedora is easy to wear and will make you feel more stylish. Most people like their changed appearance as soon as they glance in the mirror. Important matters of personal taste can be addressed via the choices of felt colour, ribbon colour, crown height, degree of taper and the width of the brim.

Sarah Bernhardt as Princess Fédora in 1882
Dorothy Malone, Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep in 1946
Chow Yun-fat in The Bund TV series in 1980
Johnny Depp in Public Enemies in 2009
2010 - Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island